Headquartered in Hong Kong , a city of Hong Kong-China Mainland, KGD was founded in 1999 . The company is a highly competitive High and New-Technology Enterprise .

KGD specializes in designing and manufacturing of encoder smart modules, car seat switch modules, central control seat module, automotive telematic connectors, series included FAKRA, X-FAKRA, HSD, HSL, and its cable assemblies, as well as encoders, potentiometers, tact switches, micro switches, and high precision die-cast, stamped, injection molded parts.

The product lines are widely utilized within the automotive, communication and home appliance industries. 
Automotive products are used within automobiles to support: 360-degree camera functionality, blind spot monitoring, driver assistance, automotive entertainment and communication system. 
Communication products have mainly been used in vehicle instrument, walkie talkie, multimedia speaker, and 5G communication equipment. KGD also offers a wide range of standard and customized electronics products including smart control modules for home appliances and interconnecting equipment.

KGD is considered to be the ultimate one-stop shop for critical components with services from research and development, fully automated production, intelligent production cells to test validation, being committed to providing highly flexible integrated solutions.
KGD sticks to its core values: “Complete each matter attentively; treat everyone with sincerity” and carries out the management philosophy of “professional focus and harmonious coexistence”. KGD is committed to sustainable growth and development of corporate brand by creating and providing excellent value to its customers, teams, partners, and society.