Value-added Services

1. To reduce the cost
     For the electronics industry, cost is a major problem, we  try our best for cutting cost for your customers.

2.Short Lead Time and Delivery
    From product design (with molding) to production line ,we can deliver the goods within 7days.  

3. Strict quality control
     In the implementation of rigid quality control , it must be 100% checking all the goods.

PCB PROTOTYPE SERVICES (For any urgent orders)

pcb prototype If you are in need of PCB prototype services, Contact KGD today.

Our PCB design for manufacturability experts can deliver on your requirements for virtually any type of PCB prototype service use, from single FR4 boards to double-sided FR4 boards to high-technology blind and buried via boards. KGD can provide your prototype quickly, efficiently and at a price you can afford.

KGD is a leader in PCB prototype services in the market because of our attention to details and commitment to quality. We fabricate a complete and accurate PCB prototype, creating a sample circuit board to your specifications, which your designers can then use to make changes and test the design before you begin the full manufacturing process. Failure to test and modify your design with an accurately fabricated PCB prototype could result in extremely costly errors down the road.


Globalization has brought the world closer, with reducing the distance between customers and solution providers; we are observing each day as new options for existing needs in PCBA industry with specific attention to any electronic products. Equally important in the present scenario are the changing benchmarks of the industry.

 Our customers need world-class solutions to their present and emerging requirements and to meet their demand we have grown along their lines.

 Also, we do cater to industrial electronics by matching the expectations of customers and serving them to their Delight.